Squeak and Rattle Director 应用程序

Altair Squeak and Rattle Director™ 应用程序

Altair’s Squeak and Rattle Director enables expert and novice computer aided engineering (CAE) engineers to rapidly identify and eliminate a variety of sound, vibration, and perceived quality issues in products at an early design stage.

Users can easily analyze multiple loading scenarios – static, dynamic, thermal events or even a combination of them – then identify root causes through modal contribution studies and find robust design solutions through numerical optimization, all without the need for a physical prototype.

Squeak and Rattle Director is the only integrated platform which facilitate finite element (FE) model building, dynamic solvers, diagnostics, and FE-test correlation. All working concurrently.

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Detect, prevent, and eliminate risk of squeaks and rattles. Improve the touch-and-feel of products through a simulation that measures resistance and identifies possible squeak issues while a consumer is touching and/or pressing the parts. Study the sealing behavior and how it compresses to determine any risk for seal squeak due to continuous random compression.


Over time, continuous vibration can wear out components and cause failure. Use Squeak and Rattle Director to track where and how often components interact and evaluate possible fixes.

Paint abrasion is another very costly warranty issue caused by unanticipated chafing between two subsystems or components. Squeak and Rattle Director provides an upfront answer as to where there a is higher risk of paint abrasion.


The sounds caused by the interior parts of speaker interacting with each other while playing music can drastically affect the sound quality. Vibration of the speaker can cause a squeak between the speaker mounts and ground. With Squeak and Rattle Director, users can easily perform what-if scenarios with different ground-bases to accurately evaluate the risk of sound quality issues.


Pinching of cables inside a battery box causes damage but also catastrophic failures such as fires. With simulation, engineers can investigate complex modules for possible contact problems with interior cables.

Impacts between high-voltage components in an ECU can also cause dramatic failure. Use Squeak and Rattle Director to detect and prevent issues related to electrical components colliding and losing function due to vibrational loads.


Altair Squeak and Rattle Director 基础筛查风险评估

借助 Altair 的 Squeak and Rattle Director (SnRD),计算机辅助工程 (CAE) 的工程专业人士和初学者都能在早期设计阶段快速识别并消除产品中的异响。通过在简化的半自动化流程(已完全集成到 Altair HyperWorks™ 环境中)中使用一套新工具和新方法,SnRD 简化了原本复杂且耗时的任务。


How CEVT Improves Vehicle Architecture and Eliminates BSR Through Simulation - Part 1

ESL Development Based on Simulation - Application example The body stiffness has a major impact on the Squeak & Rattle performance of a car. Since the body structure of electrical/autonomous cars will differ clearly from traditional bodies, an enhanced requirement is needed to limit the distortion in the closure openings. This webinar presents a new approach of defining a requirement based on closure deformations using an equivalent static load (ESL), which considers both the reduction from a complete vehicle to a BIG and from a dynamic load to a static load. In addition, an example is shown how ESL can be used as input for body optimization. Presenter: Viktor Jonsson | CAE Engineer (Consultant), CEVT





Identify & Eliminate Squeak & Rattle Phenomena with Access to Ziegler's PEM Database

Reducing the presence of interior Squeak and Rattle (S&R) noises has become an on-going trend within the Automotive and Aerospace communities. Read more to see how Ziegler's PEM database helps to identify eliminate this phenomena.