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Data Analysts

You’ve heard the quotes… “Data is the new oil.” “Above all else, show the data.” And then there’s the famous “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data.” Data, data, data… It transforms how we live, interact and connect on a daily basis, both personally and professionally.

Yet, more than 70% of data within companies is wasted data.

Data for Everyone

Whether you are a citizen data analyst or scientist, hardcore data analyst or scientist by trade, business or marketing analyst or data architect, the world of data is well… your world. Coincidentally, your world is our world too. And like you, we live to democratize data and hate wasted data.

Our mission is to deliver solutions to empower our customer’s data-driven enterprises with a suite of products to support their broad range of users and expertise. We want to transform the world of data analytics by empowering people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions.

The Right Tools for the Job

With our self-service data automation and machine learning tools, you can efficiently reuse scripts made from open source tools, analyze voluminous amounts of new data generated from almost all electronic devices or scale data analytics without compromising team-based collaboration and governance.

Whether you specialize in credit risk mitigation or financial trading analytics or internal and public audits, you can determine who is at risk of defaulting, analyze market conditions and trading activity to make smart timing and execution decisions, and streamline audit processes with a single source of truth for accurate analysis and reporting.

Do More with Your Data

You can design data systems that benefit the business with accuracy, flexibility, security, agility, and expandability, all while reinforcing organization’s database development standards. If you are slicing and dicing data daily or leading a data-driven team or architecting your data systems and sets, use data to answer questions and solve problems for your toughest challenges:

  • Data Preparation: Automate data collection, data cleansing, and data transformation and use that data to make the right decisions.

  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning: Leverage advanced machine learning and AI to understand what is impacting your business, turning data from many different sources into useful data sets.

  • Stream Processing and Visualization: Visualize real-time operational performance, and spot anomalies, trends, and clusters in seconds in real-time streams and time series data.

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