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工业物联网 (IIoT) 正在全速发展,其可增强连接性,生成数据并将潜能发挥出来。现在需要充分利用此类数据。Altair 深知如何充分利用数据来推动创新,创造新机遇,并加快智能制造转型。

ABI Research


了解 IIoT 数据分析领域,以及为什么 Altair 被 ABI Research 评为一流创新者。


Weight & Balance Analysis and Optimization


Altair® Weight Analytics™ (WA) 管理整个重量与平衡(W&B)的流程,并赋予工程和管理团队控制且确保产品满足他们的W&B要求。WA作为通用的企业级权重管理工具部署,帮助用户更快、更准确地做出决策,并在整个产品生命周期中为用户提供可视化、分析和预测W&B需求的能力。





制造环境中的计划内或计划外停机引发的成本,可能会对运营造成不利影响。Altair 能够使客户轻松地实时监控设备运行状况以及预测故障。我们能够为企业提供所需的洞察,帮助它们消除机器故障和计划外停机,提高设备和生产线的生产率并降低维护成本。



企业需要能够访问,并准确地转换来自多个来源的保修数据,还需要能够选择并应用相应的机器学习算法了解洞察,并根据数据做出 设计、制造、材料选择、文档或服务变更决策。




Ford Enhances Manufacturing Efficiency

Sheet metal stamping is fundamental to the automotive manufacturing industry. A vast array of different tool, die, and process combinations are employed to create an equally diverse array of components. Traditionally, identifying the optimum approach for each part has been a labor intensive and time-consuming task that requires engineering teams with high levels of skill and experience. This case study demonstrates how Altair Knowledge Studio, a general-purpose data analytics tool, can enable engineering managers and data analysts to deliver clear and quantifiable benefits in the manufacturing domain. For Ford, this is reflected in dramatic improvements in the speed and efficiency with which the best possible sheet metal stamping processes were selected.

Customer Stories

The Value of Data Analytics in the Smart Factory

Increase shop floor efficiency by identifying hidden indicators for future down times in your manufacturing assets. Explore how Altair enables enterprises to leverage operational data throughout the complete data lifecycle - from shop floor to top floor - for increased value and reduced risk.

Data Anaytics Summit 2020

Implement Effective Manufacturing Process Analytics

By extracting real value from their data, manufacturers can make accurate predictions about component life, replacement requirements, energy efficiency, utilization, and other factors that have direct impacts on production capacity, throughput, quality, sales, customer acceptance, and overall efficiency.


Continuous Intelligence and the Smart Factory

The presentation will go through a scenario of a smart factory (along the lines of the Industry 4.0 initiative) where a chemical process within a pharmaceutical company produces a substance critical to the production of medications.

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