Altair PBS Works

Altair PBS Works™

我们侧重解决技术难题,让您能够专注于真正重要的工作,即应对实际工程挑战。30 多年来,Altair 一直居于行业领导地位,是非常专业的高性能计算 (HPC) 解决方案合作伙伴。我们业界超前的企业级计算工具能帮助您协调、可视化、优化和分析非常繁重的工作负载,轻松地迁移到云上并消除 I/O 瓶颈。


快速、轻松地访问 HPC

科学家、工程师和研究人员都希望使用简单、功能强大的界面,从而能自由地专注于核心工作。Altair 能够提供易于使用的数据协作工具,支持在不进行大量下载的情况下实现远程可视化,并支持在远程云和集群中提交和监视作业。

让您的研究人员和工程师通过简单易用的门户来管理和监视他们使用 HPC 工具执行的工作。


从物理仿真到科学发现和先进的芯片设计,当今注重创新的组织都使用 Altair PBS Works 管理套件(包括 Altair® PBS Professional®Altair® Grid Engine®)来调度、调整和加速 HPC 工作负载。


通过功能强大的 HPC 管理工具提升业务价值:非常大程度地提高资源利用率、减少对昂贵软件许可证的使用、监控、报告、预测、高峰期分配到云中等。简化云迁移识别 I/O 瓶颈,轻松获得性能优势。

Ping Golf

Ping Golf

“自从迁移到 HPC 以来,这就成了我们非常重要的功能更新。大多数情况下,我们都能够节省一整天的时间,甚至更长时间。”

– 高等研究工程师 Eric Morales

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Sanger 研究所

Sanger 研究所


– 癌症研究员 Keiran Raine



“通过将 Altair Grid Engine 扩展至 Microsoft Azure 云,我们以非常具有成本效益的方式从我们的混合云解决方案中获得了几乎无限的容量。”

– Doron Sayag,IT 企业计算服务高等经理

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Brose Boosts Windows Cluster Using Altair® PBS Professional®

The team at Brose India, a leading automotive supplier, needed to optimize its high-end Windows workstation and improve efficiency by fine-tuning scheduling and streamlining utilization of its hardware and software infrastructure. We set them up with the industry-leading Altair® PBS Professional® workload manager and Compute Manager job submission portal for their Windows OS environment. Altair was the only vendor with a Windows-based solution that met their requirements.

Customer Stories

Managing TCO in HPC Hybrid Cloud Environments

Enabled by improvements in security, new instance types, and fast interconnects, high-performance computing (HPC) users are increasingly shifting workloads to the cloud. With cloud usage increasing, however, managing and containing costs is a growing concern. As organizations become more reliant on cloud, they are also concerned with staying portable and flexible, and avoiding lock-in to a single cloud ecosystem or provider. In this paper, we make a case for HPC hybrid cloud and explain how operators can manage total cost of ownership (TCO) more effectively. We present a simple TCO model that can help users estimate the cost of hybrid cloud deployments and describe various Altair solutions that can help organizations quickly and cost-effectively implement private and hybrid multi-cloud HPC environments. Using our TCO model, we illustrate how Altair cloud automation and spend management solutions such as Altair® Control™ and Altair® NavOps® can boost productivity and reduce cloud-related expenses while delivering a compelling return on investment (ROI).

White Papers

Inphi Corporation Speeds Up Semiconductor Design with Altair Accelerator

Inphi produces high-speed semiconductor components and optical subsystems that enable big data to move quickly throughout the globe, both inside data centers and between broadly distributed computing facilities. In today’s competitive semiconductor design and electronic design automation (EDA) industry, winning organizations leverage high-performance computing (HPC) and high-end design software to stay ahead of the game. As these tools are often expensive, maximizing utilization to ensure the design and development process runs quickly and efficiently — and that everything stays within budget — is the key to delivering innovative technologies to market faster than competitors. The team at Inphi understands the importance of HPC and EDA software performance optimization better than most. They evaluated several competing solutions before selecting Altair Accelerator, which stood out among the competition for superior performance and Altair’s reputation for excellent customer service.

Customer Stories

Rapidly Advancing Electronics: Altair Solutions Enable Rapid Growth for Wired Connectivity Leader Kandou

Kandou is a rapidly growing leader in fast, energy-efficient wired connectivity. Its disruptive technologies include chip products and IP solutions designed to accelerate the evolution of electronics and enable increasingly small, energy efficient, cost-effective devices. Faced with rapid growth, the team at Kandou needed to manage workloads and licensing for their expensive EDA tools. We set Kandou’s team up with Altair Accelerator™ for job scheduling and Altair Monitor™ for real-time license monitoring and management.

Customer Stories


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