Available Modules

CRUISE™ M GUI: Pre and post-processing

CRUISE™ M Engine: Main program including Engine domain. Focus on IC Engine development applications (components libraries limited to Engine development requirements)

CRUISE™ M Other Modules: Main program with all other components libraries which together with CRUISE M Engine enable usage of all components that are and will be available in the future. With that, the applications scope is extended from Engine to Cooling & Lubrication, Driveline & Transmission, Electrification and Aftertreatment or combination like needed for e.g. Vehicle Thermal/Energy Management development (VTMS/VEMS), applications related Real Driving Emissions (RDE), Control function development applications with different scope like Hybrid control strategies, Engine Control Unit (ECU) development, etc.

*CRUISE M Engine is required to run CRUISE M Other Modules

In addition to CRUISE M, AVL has also included FIRE™ M and EXCITE™ Acoustics through the APA.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

MOBEO: Semi-empirical engine and aftertreatment models for office and HiL

CRUISE™ M Execution: Execution of plant models on different platforms

CRUISE™ M Model Compiler (CMC): Generation of plant models for different platforms