Southeastern Med

Southeastern Med needed greater business intelligence reporting capabilities than its healthcare-specific provider could provide. In order to glean actionable insights, the medical center needed to tap a wider variety of data sources.

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United States Naval Academy

Organizing over 3,000 midshipmen for ship travel to locations around the globe is a dynamic, complex and challenging environment in which the United States Naval Academy (USNA) must operate. To address this challenge, USNA required a proven solution with the capability to acquire,
associate, join,

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Fabric & Altair SimSolid

Fabric, the robotic micro-fulfillment centers Company, Leav Ben -Ari, discuss the challenges its engineering team meet and how the move to Altair SimSolid has cut its simulation time from hours to a just few minutes.

Customer Testimonials

Designer Oriented Software - Is it Accurate?

Ian Symington of NAFEMS investigates the accuracy of Altair SimSolid through a series of eight analysis benchmarks.

Article originally published in Benchmark Magazine by NAFEMS, the International Association for the Engineering Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Community. Find out more at nafems.or


Mortgage Data Suite Datasheet

Mortgage Data Suite customers have recognized an annual savings of $500,000 by eliminating data access and usage fees from financial services technology providers. One customer reduced overage charges by $20,000 per month in perpetuity with a part...




Customer Stories

The CDO’s Guide to Practical Data Intelligence: Turning Insight into Strategic Business Value

If we have data for everything, we should be able to use it to drive strategy, right? Enterprises focus on becoming ever more data-driven, meaning that it is simply unacceptable to allow data to go to waste. Yet, as the amount of data businesses c...

Technical Papers

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning with Knowledge Studio

Accurately predicting future consumer behavior allows credit risk analysts, financial marketing analysts, and fraud detection teams to better deploy strategies to capitalize on opportunities while deploying strategies that act as preventative meas...

Technical Papers

The State of Data Intelligence

Five fundamental challenges that prevent organizations from mastering their data.

Technical Papers

Self-Service Data Prep Cuts School System’s Payroll, HR and Business Data Processing from Weeks to Hours

As a school system with tight budgets, San Bernardino County needed to be able to efficiently integrate data and provide reporting to comply with the Affordable Care Act and other new regulations, as well as continuously respond to ad hoc informat...

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日本語メニューと進化した使いやすさ - ハイエンドCAEプリポスト HyperWorks X

<2019年 7月31日(水)放送>
企業や研究・教育機関で世界トップクラスの実績を誇るCAEプリプロセッサーHyperMeshが、「HyperWorks X」としてリニューアルされました。


NURBSカーブ、サーフェス、ソリッド、PolyNURBSによる自由度の高い3Dモデリング 企業や


Current Use of Python in Data Science: Challenges

Altair Knowledge Studio is the best solution that addresses Python coding challenges. Data scientists can rely on Altair to efficiently build powerful and insightful predictive models to make better business decisions.


Altair Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Altair Knowledge Works: Driving down costs using Predictive Maintenance in a Manufacturing Environment Reliant on Robotic Arms

Technical Papers

Altair Knowledge Studio R Language Integration

Known for its industry leading Decision Tree technology and intuitive wizard-driven interface, Knowledge Studio predictive analytics software enables data scientists and business analysts to efficiently find insight from large amounts of disparate...


Data Preparation Buyer's Guide

The Altair Data Preparation Buyer’s Guide is your manual as you navigate the self-service data prep technology landscape and provides information on assessing your organization’s needs. It focuses on questions to ask when considering new analytics...


7 Steps to Master Your Data with Altair Monarch

Data literacy is one of the major shortcomings most organizations need to overcome as they strive to be more data-driven. There simply aren’t enough individuals that are capable of finding the right data, manipulating it so it’s useable, producing...



New IRS regulations mandated by the Affordable Care Act required the Marbridge Foundation to provide detailed reporting on current and past payroll data. However, the nonprofit’s systems could not provide the information necessary, and data output was in the form
of PDFs. Through automated data pre

Customer Stories

Hungerford Vinton, LLC

Data received by Hungerford Vinton from clients was difficult to work with and in different formats and generated by multiple softwares. Altair Monarch helped convert the data so that it could be easily audited.

Customer Stories

An Analytical Approach to Financial Crimes Rules Creation and Optimization

Recent studies from leading financial institutions show that financial fraud continues to rise at alarming rates. According to Experian, credit and debit card fraud has risen over 60% in the first half of 2019. Although Millennials are highly targ...


Alleviate Your Chronic Spreadsheet Pain

Excel is used in nearly every organization, but it has major limitations. In an era when data-driven decision-making is becoming executive-level priority, anything that slows down the process of extracting insights from data should be addressed im...


TDWI Pulse Report: Reducing Inefficiency and Increasing the Value of Analytics and Business Intelligence

In this report, sponsored by Altair Data Analytics (formerly Datawatch) you will learn how to address many challenges, including selecting the right data access strategy; identifying and managing master data; and improving sharing and collaboration.

Technical Papers

Faster, More Efficient Modeling With Next-Gen HyperMesh

The next generation HyperWorks experience was created to enable teams to move from physics to physics, domain to domain or even create reports without ever leaving their simulation model. Every tool in the suite delivers a solution-specific workfl...


11 Ways to Master Your Healthcare Data

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) have greatly improved data access, but efficient Revenue Cycle Management still requires significant data preparation. This can be time-consuming and delay revenue collection. Alta...


Altair OptiStruct

Altair OptiStruct は、静荷重および動荷重下の線形および非線形シミュレーションのための、最新の構造解析ソルバーであり、構造設計と最適化のためのソリューションとしてあらゆる業界で幅広く使用されています。


Altair Virtual Wind Tunnel

Altair Virtual Wind Tunnel は、外部空気力学解析に特化したソリューションです。ユーザーニーズに基づき設計されたGUI を有し、効率的に解析条件定義や解法選択を行えます。


Altair HyperView

Altair HyperView は、有限要素解析およびマルチボディシステム解析等のシミュレーション結果だけでなく、デジタルビデオおよびエンジニアリングデータを対象とした多機能ポストプロセッシングツールです


Altair PBS Works

Altair PBS Works は、ハイパフォーマンスコンピューティング(HPC)環境向けの業界をリードする包括的で安全なワークロード管理スイートです。


Altair ESAComp



Altair Inspire

Altair Inspireは、設計エンジニアや製品デザイナーが構造特性に優れたデザインを作成、検証するためのソフトウェアです。


Altair Panopticon

Altair Panopticon ストリーミング分析プラットフォームは、ビジネスユーザーやエンジニアが一行もコードを書くことなく、独自のリアルタイムデータ監視・分析アプリケーションを構築してデプロイするためのツールを提供します。


Boostez votre puissance de calculs GPU grâce au partenariat Altair - Nvidia

Dans cette présentation dédiée aux thématiques du Deep Learning et de l'Intelligence Artificielle, découvrez les solutions d’intelligence artificielle adaptées aux besoins de l’enseignement et la recherche


Altair ElectroFlo

Altair ElectroFlo は、CFD ベースの熱解析ソフトウェアです。電子機器の冷却など、EDA の難しい温度管理問題を


Altair HyperGraph

Altair HyperGraph は、多数の主要CAE ソルバーの解析結果などのエンジニアリングデータを対象としたデータ解析およびグラフ作成ツールです。


Altair Activate



Altair Radioss

Altair Radioss は、衝突解析や破壊解析などの高度な非線形動的問題を扱うために開発された先進的な構造解析ソルバーです。


Altair Flux

先進的な電磁界 / 熱シミュレーションソフトウェアであるFlux は、30 年以上にわたり世界中の大手企業や大学研究室で使用されてきました。高精度の結果が得られることから、業界標準としての地位を確立しています。


Altair Monarch

シンプルでパワフルなセルフサービス型データプレパレーションツールAltair Monarchは、あらゆるソースからデータを抽出できる最も高速で簡単な手段です。


Altair HyperLife

Altair HyperLife は、包括的な耐久性解析ソフトウェアです。操作が容易で、主要なFEA の結果ファイルをそのまま読み込み利用できます。材料ライブラリを内蔵したHyperLife を使用することにより、様々な業界で見られるような、静解析および過渡応答解析で疲労寿命を予測できるようになります。


Altair Inspire Studio

Altair Inspire Studio は、デザイナー、建築家およびデジタルアーティストのための新しいソフトウェアソリューションです。
デザイン案の作成、評価、可視化をかつてないスピードで実現できます。初期スケッチからパラメトリックなNURBS ベースのポリゴン、サーフェス、ソリッドモデリングまでのデザイン工程を、Inspire Studio ひとつで推進できます。この強力な工業デザインソリューションは柔軟で覚えやすく、デザイナーの創造性を向上させます。


Altair SimSolid

Altair SimSolid は、進化し続ける設計プロセスに対応するために開発された構造解析ソフトウェアです。従来のFEA の形状簡略化とメッシングが不要なため、大規模CAD アセンブリもメッシュレスで超高速に解析できます。

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