HyperWorks Unlimited Data Sheet

Altair HyperWorks Unlimited is a fully managed, HPC appliance for CAE available in both physical and virtual formats, offering unlimited use of all Altair software. Altair’s CAE cloud appliances address the unique needs of enterprises by simplifyi...


CAEfatigue VIBRATION for Automotive Systems

CAEfatigue VIBRATION is a powerful domain random response post processor and fatigue solver that works with mixed random (Power Spectral Density) and deterministic loading sources in a way not currently possible with existing products.


HyperWorks Brochure

Altair HyperWorks is the most comprehensive, open architecture CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative products.


Altair Embed Target Hardware Supported

Target hardware support for Altair Embed™:
TI: F28x, MSP430, ARM Cortex M3
Arduino: Atmel
ST Micro: STM32F3

Technical Papers

Optistruct Lessons Learned from a Cambered Structure with Welds made Post-Decambering using Modchg

Problem Description
- A pre-cambered trailer is loaded to nearly flat under 1g down by a permanent payload (large steel transformer oil reservoir box).
- As the payload is loaded, the trailer is 'de-cambered." They payload is then welded in place to the trailer.
- Other operational load cases are

Tips & Tricks

Vibro-Acoustic Response of Multi-Layer Systems: Creating a Condensed Model to Reduce Mesh Size and Calculation Time

A possible way of reducing the calculation time and mesh size in vibro acoustic response is to condense the description of multi-layer plates into a single, equivalent plate representation. The plate is then modeled using frequency dependent param...

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Near-Field RCS for Automotive Radar Applications

With the growing effort to improve road safety, an accurate characterization of the automotive targets is important. Automotive radar is one of the sensors among others that help detect and identify targets. This paper introduces a method of calcu...

Technical Papers

AVL Fire - CFD for IC Engine Development

Introducing Fire M - The easy way to efficient CFD


ソフトウェア資産最適化Altair SAOデータシート

Altair SAOは直感的に使えるデータ分析と可視化のためのソリューションです。ITライセンス管理者向け、エンジニアリング管理者向け、ビジネスアナリスト向けにデータドリブンなプランニングや意思決定をサポートする先進的なレポーティング環境を提供します。

Brochures, Datasheets

Altair SimSolid Technology Overview

An overview of the theoretical foundation of SimSolid, including mathematical background, computer implementation, and positioning among numerical methods.

Technical Papers

What is TAITherm?

An introduction video and how to get started with TAITherm


Introducing Altair SimLab sT

Analyzing full-featured parametric CAD assemblies is an extremely labor intensive process requiring skilled CAE expertise. Common practices to shorten simulation cycles have included simplifying and defeaturing CAD geometry – offering little “engi...

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Altair SimSolid は、新しいアルゴリズムを用いたメッシュ不要の超高速解析ツールです。


3Dプリント向けソリューション フライヤー



Biomedical Applications using TracePro

Enhanced life science research and accelerated biomedical product design in a single tool


Stray Light Analysis using TracePro

Intuitive interface, enhanced Monte-Carlo simulation, path sorting and powerful utilities, make TracePro an ideal tool for stray light analysis


Luminaire Design using TracePro

Accelerate time-to-market with optimal lighting designs


Designing LED Optical Components using TracePro

Overcome LED component modeling challenges to achieve an optimal result


Photorealistic Rendering in TracePro

Enhance optical designs with powerful visualization and photorealistic rendering utilities


Light Pipe Design using TracePro

Design intricate light pipes optimized for utility, efficiency, color, and uniformity


Solar Collector Design and Analysis using TracePro

Superior solar simulation capabilities make TracePro the ideal tool for analyzing and optimizing solar collectors for both direct and indirect solar contribution




Customer Story

Backlit Display Design using TracePro

Intuitive interface and powerful analytics make TracePro an ideal tool for backlit display design


MONOistの土橋氏がAltair SimSolid実力を評価

MONOistで「3D設計推進者の眼」を連載中の土橋様にAltair SimSolidの実力を評価いただきました。

Customer Testimonials

Design and characterization of refractive secondary optical elements for a point-focus Fresnel lens-based high CPV system

Point-focus Fresnel lens-based High Concentrator Photovoltaic (HCPV) systems are usually equipped with refractive secondary optical elements (SOE) in order to improve their performance. Two basic SOE designs are optically modeled and simulated in ...

Technical Papers

Magneto-Vibro-Acoustic Efficient Design of PWM-Fed Induction Machines

Induction motors are widely used in the automotive industry. In order to increase the passenger’s comfort, motor designers try to develop new solutions to reduce the noise at its origin, on the electromagnetic side. Damper winding can be a soluti...


高周波電磁界ソフトウェアAltair Fekoフライヤー

Altair Fekoは(1)複数の解析手法を完備、(2)1つの課題で2種類の解析手法を利用可能、という際立った特徴を持つ電磁界解析ソフトウェアです。これまでの電磁界解析ソフトウェアと異なり、大変広範な周波数帯で精度を落とすことなく解析できます。


How to Overcome Obstacles During the Development Process of Touch Applications in the Automotive Industry, Using a Specialized Software Solution

Automotive companies involved in touch sensor development, from material suppliers to OEMs, are currently facing three major issues: Too many iterations, strict automotive regulations as well as slow and expensive prototyping. In this webinar, we'...

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Think, before specifying the same materials! Best practices in materials assignment

This webinar demonstrates how to consider all material options and quickly identify the right one for your application before starting simulation work. Reduce modeling iterations and, ultimately, deliver better products and competitive advantage.

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Safran Seats

Zodiac Seats (now Safran Seats) designs, certifies and assembles innovative, customizable and high-added-value products. For optimizing seat ergonomics to reduce passenger discomfort, Zodiac Seats France (ZSFR) employ Altair HyperWorks to develop ...

Customer Story

Zaha Hadi Architects

Morpheusは、マカオのコタイのシティ・オブ・ドリームスに新たに建設されたコンテンポラリースタイルのホテルで、世界的に有名な建築事務所Zaha Hadi Architects社によって2012年に建設されました。

Customer Story

Introduction to S-Life by PART Engineering

An introductory webinar to S-Life FKM, a static and fatigue strength software for the assessment of FEA results according to FKM guideline. S-Life FKM is a software that enables an easy and automatic assessment of FEM simulation results according ...

Webinar Recordings

SimLab sT: Results Accuracy

Local refinements to increase accuracy.




Customer Testimonials, Video Testimonials

Roth McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre

See how McFarlane Hand and Upper Limb Centre in London, Ontario is uses Altair SimSolid™ to evaluate the biomechanics of bone stresses.

Customer Story


Serapid, the developer and manufacturer of the original Rigid Chain, designs and manufactures telescopic mechanical actuators for the horizontal and vertical movement of heavy loads. See how they use Altair SimSolid™ to aid in gravity loads of com...

Customer Story

Simulation-Driven Design: Solving the Geometry Problem

One of the challenges of simulation is that geometry of CAD and traditional FEA are different, necessitating time consuming simplification work to define the mesh and resulting in losses in accuracy.

Altair SimSolid takes a different approach, analyzing fully featured CAD assemblies directly wit

Technical Papers


あらゆる設計ニーズに応えるSimulation-driven Designプラットフォーム全体のご紹介


Inspire Extrude Metal日本語データシート

Inspire Extrude Metalは、金属の押出成形に特化したシミュレーション環境です。


Inspire Extrude Polymer 日本語データシート

Inspire Extrude Polymerは、ポリマーの押出成形に特化したシミュレーション環境です。

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